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About Us

The magazine has grown and prospered, mirroring the entire region, since that first edition hit the stands in 1975. Over the years, millions of words have been published in NorthBay biz chronicling the business of doing business in the North Bay.

When we acquired the magazine almost seven years ago, it was with the intention of not just continuing its excellent 25-year history, but improving upon it. We recognized at the very beginning that NorthBay biz was a special publication serving a very special market. We weren’t content resting on the magazine’s past laurels, but rather wanted to focus on enhancing content in concert with better design to fulfill the vision of becoming the voice of business in the North Bay. We were then, and are now, committed to fresh ideas, supporting the vitality of the region and the overall pursuit of publishing excellence—all of which is intended to broaden, enrich and build upon the magazine’s established tradition. However, as we strive to continually improve, we also remain fiercely loyal to our original editorial goals—responsible reporting, in-depth analysis, a commitment to delivering top-notch local coverage and a dedication to serving the best business interests of the community.

In response to a changing, more sophisticated market, we began giving business readers more of what they wanted and needed—stories and special features addressing hotter topics that were impacting the region’s quality of life—topics like workforce housing, transportation, jobs, open space and conflicts between growth and the environment. NorthBay biz regularly covers these subjects, and in the process often delivers information and views unavailable anywhere else. Readers and advertisers have responded in an overwhelmingly positive fashion to all the changes we’ve woven into the magazine over the past several years, and I believe they’ve come to understand that the pursuit of excellence is an ongoing journey at NorthBay biz. In that vein, look for new features to be introduced on an ongoing basis. And, as always, we’re interested in any ideas you might have on business-related topics you feel should be included in the magazine’s regular coverage. Let us hear from you.

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