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North Bay Perspective

Encouraging Economic Development

Author: Judith M. Wilson
NB Persepective, Jan, 2017

Business growth is esential for a strong economy, and local resources to make it possible are one othe North Bay's biggest secrets to success.

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Zoning for Success

Author: Bonnie Durramce
NB Persepective, Jan, 2017

North Bay counties work to balance sustainable growth with timeless quality of location. 

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Friendly and Effective Permitting

Author: Jane Hodges Young
NB Persepective, Jan, 2017

Case studies of cities doing it right


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Perspective 2016: Sonoma County

Author: Karen Hart
Dec, 2015 Issue

The housing market continues to recover, but limited supply is slowing the pace and strict regulations are bringing some development sectors to a standstill.

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