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Live Wise

Are Screens Making Us Sick?

Columnist: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
Apr, 2017 Issue

The average teen (and pre-teen) spends more than six hours per day looking at their cell phone, TV, iPad and computer.

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Creating Health Mindfully

Columnist: Melanie Kates, M.D.
Feb, 2017 Issue

Geneticists at Harvard have recently discovered that 20 minutes of daily meditation can alter the genes carrying hereditary diseases back to normal.  

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The Healing Power of Gratitude

Columnist: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
Jan, 2017 Issue

Small and specific gestures of gratitude are the most powerful.

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The Flu and Flu Shots: Misery, Myths, and Misconceptions

Columnist: James Devore, M.D.
Oct, 2016 Issue

A case of the real flu is putting you in the Octagon with the biggest meanest bully on the block. You're going to to take a beating. 

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