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Napa Insider

Fly Wine

Author: Christina Julian
Jul, 2016 Issue

You can only say Im sorry, so many times; an offering of wine says what words cant.

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The Growth Bender

Author: Christina Julian
Jun, 2016 Issue

As is often the case with any addiction, I have to ask myself if this latest binge is really worth it considering the hangover thats sure to follow.

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Wines Are Like Supermodels

Author: Christina Julian
May, 2016 Issue

Jay McInerney enchanted us with his comparison of Chablis to Kate Moss and of Monterey County Chardonnay to Pamela Anderson.

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Do One Thing Well

Author: Christina Julian
Apr, 2016 Issue

What is an upscale sports bar? Im certain theres an oxymoron in there somewhere.

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