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Only in Marin

Hostile Takeovers, Gentile Dining and Top-Dollar Careers

Columnist: Bill Meagher
May, 2015 Issue

Simon Property Group tries to take over Macerich Company, Perry’s restaurant group moves into Marin, and Glassdoor’s top 25.

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Killing Density in Its Bed and the Deathwatch at Fireman's Fund

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Apr, 2015 Issue

Marin’s affordable housing myth prevails and Fireman’s Fund fails.

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Making History

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Mar, 2015 Issue

How business in Marin changed forever in 1975.

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County Clubs, Groceries and Pot

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Jan, 2015 Issue

Who’s ready for some golf, organic food and ice cream that gives you the munchies?

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