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Only in Marin

Marin Movie Fans in Mourning

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Mar, 2016 Issue

If you’re a movie fan in Marin, life keeps getting tougher.

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A Little Quid Pro Quo on the Side

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Feb, 2016 Issue

Marin is a special place for lots of reasons, not the least of which is its public meetings, where you can hear a non-lawyer resident ask for a little 'quid pro quo.'"


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Traffic Studies, Miller Time and Retail Monuments

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Jan, 2016 Issue

"I'm not a lawyer—though I always wanted to play one on TV."

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Who Gets What?

Columnist: Bill Meagher
Dec, 2015 Issue

"As for the county, give them a box full of clues."

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