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Termination Liability Blues

Columnist: Bob Andrews
Jan, 2017 Issue

What happens if the CalPERS investments don’t earn 7.5 percent, as they haven’t in recent years?

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Are You Feeling Disabled?

Columnist: Bob Andrews
Dec, 2016 Issue

Our lawmakers started with the laudable goal of making things more convenient for truly disabled persons.

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It’s Time to Talk About Taxes

Columnist: Bob Andrews
Nov, 2016 Issue

With almost every request for tax increases, our leaders promise to spend the money on public safety, roads, schools and other community benefits.

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SMART versus the A Line, Part 2

Columnist: Bob Andrews
Oct, 2016 Issue

There's a monumental difference between the number of A Line trains actually running each day and the proposed number of daily SMART trains. 

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