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Why Is More Never Enough?

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Nov, 2016 Issue

This November ballot calls for more than $32 billion in new borrowing from 193 new bond measures.

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Wine Along with Me

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2016

This is the 18th year that NorthBay biz has been the official print publication of the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

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How Much Is Enough?

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Oct, 2016 Issue

There's more money to spend than ever before, yet the fall ballot is crammed with requests for more. 

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Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Sep, 2016 Issue

 A potential solution to unleash the power of the market might be in the offing, and I’m forced to hold my nose because of the stench of how this scheme/solution was hatched.

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