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Scattered Thoughts

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Dec, 2014 Issue

Will the GOP just continue on the same path serving their party’s interests before the best interests of the citizens?

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Making a Lasting Impression

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Nov, 2014 Issue

In the 14 years I’ve been writing this column, never before have I been so topic-bereft as to have to stoop to writing a vacation vignette. But please bear with me. I do have a point.

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Wine Along with Me

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2014

Welcome to the annual Wine/Harvest Fair issue of NorthBay biz magazine. This special issue is one of our favorites.

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Who Do You Trust?

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Oct, 2014 Issue

My lament continues to be that our elected representatives’ first and overriding concern is the perpetuation of their personal and political party’s power.

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