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Making a Lasting Impression

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Nov, 2014 Issue

In the 14 years I’ve been writing this column, never before have I been so topic-bereft as to have to stoop to writing a vacation vignette. But please bear with me. I do have a point.

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Wine Along with Me

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2014

Welcome to the annual Wine/Harvest Fair issue of NorthBay biz magazine. This special issue is one of our favorites.

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Who Do You Trust?

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Oct, 2014 Issue

My lament continues to be that our elected representatives’ first and overriding concern is the perpetuation of their personal and political party’s power.

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Politicians Shocked: Companies in Business to Make a Profit.

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Sep, 2014 Issue

Is the drive to tax the bejesus out of everyone and everything so ingrained in politicians they can't see what's plainly in front of their faces?

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