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Who, What, Why, Where and How

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
NB Persepective, Feb, 2016

Even more insidious than choosing what to cover in support of a particular ideology are the choices of what news not to cover.

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The Best is Yet to Come

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
NB Persepective, Jan, 2016

Common courtesy, civil discourse, good manners and simply being polite seem to be relics of the distant past.

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Grading on the Curve

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Dec, 2015 Issue

There’s a 50-year history, or more, of economic theory, backed by studies and evidence, that supports the notion that increasing the minimum wage costs jobs.

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Building Our Future

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
NB Persepective, Dec, 2015

North Bay Perspective is the lens through which we view both business and business lifestyle.

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