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We Can Do Better

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Apr, 2017 Issue

In a market like this, with extremely high rents coupled with low incomes, it becomes impossible for the vast majority of buyers to save enough money to qualify for a down payment on a home.

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On the Rise

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
NBB Top 500, Mar, 2017

While the local economy took its share of his over the past eight to nine years, it's held up remarkably well, especially when compared to other locales.

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Protect Us from the Well Intentioned

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
Mar, 2017 Issue

What is happening in California that requires the state to write four times the number of new laws than are being written at the federal level in Washington D.C.? 

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Here We Go Again

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
NB Persepective, Feb, 2017

Is it really a shocker that people would choose zero income tax over thirteen percent?

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