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biz Ridiculous

What's Your Favorite Color

Columnist: D.F. Krause
Dec, 2009 Issue

D.F. Krause is fed up with today’s teenagers being ignorant about business, so he’s proposing what any rational person would: the D.F. Krause Business Coloring and Activity Book.

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Laughing Stock

Columnist: D.F. Krause
Nov, 2009 Issue

D.F. Krause can't fake a laugh, but he can try—and succeed—to make NorthBay biz readers chuckle at the concept of office humor.

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What If...

Columnist: D.F. Krause
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2009

NorthBay biz funnyman D.F. Krause, through a series of football and “Saved by the Bell” references, explains why he’s glad he doesn’t grow stuff for a living.

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Way Cool

Columnist: D.F. Krause
Oct, 2009 Issue

NorthBay biz funnyman D.F. Krause explores the strange phenomenon of bosses wanting to appear cool in front of their employees—between motorcycles and Asia records, it seems like a lost cause.

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