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Feb 10, 2017-
Feb 10, 2017
07:30PM - 09:30PM
I Love You, You Drive Me Crazy!
Fun & educational ~ come see how to create the relationship you want!
Unity in Marin
Event Description

 In this light-hearted evening, you will see ....

       The comically inefficient relationship improvement strategy everyone uses (you probably used it today!)

       What is really behind fights and arguments (it'll blow your mind)

       How to raise your “love ceiling” and feel more loved

       Practical tools for staying in love (you’ll use them forever!)

We have had couples on the verge of divorce or separation shift from animosity to love from this evening alone. And singles have shifted from feeling resigned to hopeful. Couples & Singles, check us out!

Learn what is in the background of fights and what you can do to immediately improve your experience of love in your relationship life! (We are talking EVERY relationship - lover, friend, parent, kid, boss, co-worker, even ex!!)

Bring your partner and friends!   All the best,  Christian & Sonika



Fee: $10.00

Contact Information
Name: Faith Hegeman     Email:
Phone: 530-575-1873

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