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Pairing Pros/Recipes

Trotter 1/16

Author: Julie Fadda Powers
Apr, 2015 Issue

2011 Trotter 1/16 Cabernet Sauvignon with Seared Ahi Tuna

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Michael Mondavi Family

Author: Julie Fadda Powers
Jan, 2015 Issue

Michael Mondavi Family Animo Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and porcini dusted rib eye with porcini butter and grilled porcini

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Ledson Winery and Vineyards

Author: Julie Fadda Powers
Aug, 2014 Issue

Ledson Winery and Vineyards' Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc with shrimp scampi

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Silver Oak Cellars

Author: Julie Fadda Powers
Jul, 2014 Issue

Silver Oak Cellars Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with Wagyu Beef Burgers

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