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What Works: Five Superpowers of Your Press Release

Author: Jenny Kaplan
March, 2015 Issue

Sending out a press release every 45 days is a must-do, total game changer and promotes your business in a powerful way. Here’s how it all goes down.
1. SEO superpowers. Search engines (like Google) are constantly updating and ranking online content. By distributing press releases (with lots of great, specific keywords), you’ll rank higher and receive more views. Then, as you post the release to all your social media sites, you’ll get an even bigger boost in ranking and will catch more views.
2. New content for your website. The number one way to rank better online is to aggressively add new content as often as possible. Adding your press release to a site does exactly that.
3. Keeps you constantly in the public eye. Putting out a press release every 45 days keeps you in front of your community and constantly tells them what’s new and exciting with your business.
4. Attracts the media. One of the sexiest end-goals of putting out press releases is to attract and use the media to spread your story. Third-party earned media (articles and interviews) equals credibility, validity, a wider audience and will bring you business.
5. Reach your contacts—past, present and future. Database marketing (reaching out to those who already love you) is one of the most effective marketing acts you can do. Referral marketing—reminding your audience you’re here—is the number one way to get business and much less expensive than finding new clients.
Unleash your own press release’s superpowers: Send them out every 45 days, find the real story to tell, keep it short and target a specific audience for each release. Wishing you best of luck with your next release and…get noticed.

Public relations enthusiast Jenny Kaplan has been getting her clients newsworthy ink for more than 10 years. Most days, this PR strategist can be found writing and on the phone telling and selling great stories to the press, community and public at large. She specializes in crafting a brand and story for clients and conveying that story. For more info and to ask any questions you like, call (707) 578-1336 or visit


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