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Green Scene

Water Wisdom

Author: Joe Paternoster
Apr, 2014 Issue

Engaging in a simple mental exercise can help people realign their thoughts about water and, therefore, their water use: Just pretend water isn’t free.

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How to Protect Wood with Lower VOC Finishes

Author: John Barnes
NBB Top 500, Mar, 2014

Low-VOC, water-borne, alkyd finishes penetrate wood rather than just sit on the surface; they’re also easier to maintain and are more durable.

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Sonoma Clean Power: What It Means to You

Author: Geof Syphers
Mar, 2014 Issue

A quick overview of what Sonoma Clean Power does and how its products will be delivered.

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Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability

Feb, 2014 Issue

While companies may not talk about climate change per se, many are being buffeted by its effects. Similar issues, including deforestation and shrinking biodiversity, are affecting the availability of agricultural products. As a result, companies are increasingly connecting the dots between risk management and corporate sustainability. That, in turn, is making sustainability issues more prominent.

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