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Green Scene

Vineyard Erosion Control Regulations: What Next?

Author: Stephen Ferry, PE
Jan, 2014 Issue

With proposed requirements now withdrawn, what’s in store for local vineyard owners’ stormwater management practices?

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By Nature's Design: Forest Stewardship in Action

Author: Lorraine Alexander
Dec, 2013 Issue

Throughout the world, ancient cultures have demonstrated a reverence for trees as part of their core belief. Have we lost our way in the midst of progress and growth?

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Sustainability in Action

Author: Marissa LaMagna
Nov, 2013 Issue

Bay Area Green Tours offers experiential tours and events for public, private and educational groups, connecting them to Northern California’s environmental epicenter.

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Black Magic Goes Green

Author: Barbara Lee
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2013

Once considered outside the norm of science, plasma energy now offers groundbreaking vineyard solutions.

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