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Readers Speak Out

Guest Column: Meditation: Sage Principles for Leadership

Author: Lorraine Alexander
May, 2017 Issue

Leadership is not a mindset, but instead, it’s a way of being.

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Simple Homes for People of Modest Means, Please?

Author: Duane De Witt
Apr, 2017 Issue

For more than 20 years, the city of Santa Rosa has known it has serious housing problems for a large part of its population, which has continued to grow exponentially with no relief in sight.

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Guest Column: A Look at the North Bay Real Estate Market

Author: Bill Facendini
Apr, 2017 Issue

Despite the drop in sales volume, median pricing increased in all three counties during 2016.

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Guest Column: On the Fly in Wine Country

Author: Geoff Smick
Mar, 2017 Issue

Agricultural uses are one of the drone industry’s top markets, especially for grape growers.

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