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Dateline Press Releases County
Apr 24, 2012,
Redwood City
W. Bradley Electric, Inc.
Redwood City Office Under New Management!
Press Release Description

WBE Redwood City Office Under New Management Steve Scannell, who has been with WBE for 18 years, is now representing W. Bradley Electric out of our Redwood City Office, where we have enjoyed a healthy presence for many years.

Originally named for the large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in the area, The Silicon Valley now refers to all the high-tech businesses in the valley and continues to be the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development. 


As this industry in the region continues to grow and critical requirements further develop, we believe our commitment to education and training will enable us to maintain our leadership in the industry.



Contact Information
Name: Deb Backman     Email:
Phone: 415-898-1400      Fax: 415-898-5991

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