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November 2016
Who Comes Next

Times are changing, and the North Bay business community needs to be proactive to keep pace. 


Feature stories

Cutting Edge

Attracting the millennial workforce in a changing workforce.

The Right Spot

North Bay companies need to be awesome places for millennials to work. 

Sonoma Celebration

Cornerstone Sonoma on Arnold Drive offers the new Sunset Gardens + Marketplace, as well as other businesses and venues where you can shop, sip, eat, play and explore.

Future Focus

Keeping homegrown millennials in the North Bay.

Naming Names

NorthBay biz asked business and community leaders to share their picks for young people making a difference.  

Leaders of Tomorrow

Millennials poised to make their mark.




Monthly Features

Special Features

bonus issue

In addition to our 12 monthly issues, NorthBay biz produces three special bonus issues during the year. A annual perspective on the North bay county by county,  The NorthBay biz 500, a compilation of the top 500 revenue producing companies is published in February. In May our annual readers' poll of the best companies doing business in the North Bay hits the newsstands. And Finally our special NorthBay biz Wine/Harvest Fair issue is published in October.
So that means NorthBay biz' insightful business analysis, comments, special features and columnists are available 16 times every year for our 55,000+ readers to enjoy.

  NorthBay Perspective

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