Michael E. Duffy
Michael E. Duffy
Michael E. Duffy is a senior software engineer for the Atlanta-based mobile gaming company Global Worldwide. He lives in Sonoma County and has been writing about technology and business for NorthBay biz since 2001.

Apple’s Vision

I want to spend this month’s column talking about Apple’s latest announcement, the Apple Vision Pro (apple.com/vision-pro). Priced at $3,499 and…

The AI Hype Cycle

This morning’s tech headline was “Texas man uses Apple AirTag to track and kill truck thief,” an interesting take on…

For All Mankind

At our house, we’ve been watching Apple TV’s For All Mankind of late. It’s an alternate history of the U.S.-Russian…

Is There Life on Mars?

Aliens, so popular in books, film and TV. Sometimes friendly, as in E.T. the Extraterrestrial, and sometimes not so much,…

But is it Art?

At the Colorado State Fair, artist Jason Allen won first prize in the “Digital Art/Digitally-Manipulated Photography” category by using an…
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