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“Our job is not to be the hero to come in and save the day, but to come in alongside the client and carve the path for them to do what they want to do in life.”—Matt Delaney, wealth advisor and managing partner, JDH Wealth Management

“A large percentage of people are worried about their financial future,” says Matt Delaney, wealth advisor and managing partner at JDH Wealth Management. The firm helps clients plan and work toward the retirement they can look forward to. “Our job is not to be the hero to come in and save the day, but to come in alongside the client and carve the path for them to do what they want to do in life. So they can then sit back and say, ‘Look what I have accomplished.’”

Recognized once again by NorthBay biz readers as Best Wealth Management Firm, the company guides their clients through the various emotional, practical and market vagaries onto a path to retirement security that is right for them. “We base it in a scientific approach,” says Delaney. When working with clients, they identify different asset classes, develop a strategy to build portfolios, consider the risk and expected return, and look at volatility. “When you put all of that together, it makes it that much more digestible for our clients who can then say, ‘Now I have a plan.’”

Getting to that point starts with a period of discovery. “We ask questions and we listen,” says Delaney. “That’s something we’re very good at.” An essential part of the firm’s effectiveness is their ability to help clients adjust to circumstances, both personal and in the markets. “Markets are always changing,” he says. “Spending will be different.” They take people back to the plan and say, ‘Let’s go back to our roadmap instead of five years down the road. Let’s figure out how you need to make these changes piece by piece, day by day.’”

When Delaney moved from San Diego to join the firm, which his partner (and dad) founded in 2000, they developed a plan that would best help the clients they serve. Together, they decided to partner with clients and help lead the way. “We want to be that guide for people. We want to put them in a position to reach their own potential. That’s the model we came up with, and that’s what has allowed us to have the success that we’ve had with the most incredible clients. It’s a great partnership.”

The father-son partners credit their team and the way they think of their clients as essential to their success. “We’re all on the same page when it comes to how we treat our clients,” says Delaney. “Because that’s how we would want to be treated, if we were walking into a wealth management firm. That culture of respect and care creates an atmosphere of all-round ease.” When you treat your clients with the utmost respect, he adds, then clients will comment that it’s good working with the whole team.”


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