Deadline May 6 for Property Tax Relief Request

May 6 is the final day for property owners with delinquent property taxes to file a Request for Penalty Cancellation based on circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

California Executive Order N-61-20 was issued a year ago, giving county tax collectors a special provision to consider financial hardships caused by the pandemic in their penalty review process. The order expires May 6.

Some good news is that real property tax delinquency rates in Marin County are not notably higher compared with prior years, according to the Marin County Tax Collector’s Office. However, there are still about 4,800 properties with unpaid 2020/21 property taxes. Those owners are receiving notices by mail from the Tax Collector with information about how they can apply for a COVID-19 penalty waiver before the May 6 deadline.

After May 6, the Tax Collector will revert to its standard penalty review processes and guidelines under the Revenue and Taxation Code, which are more restrictive.

Marin County taxpayers can file a COVID-19 Request for Penalty Cancellation online, by mail or in-person. Applications for penalty relief due to the pandemic must include documentation that demonstrates the taxpayer’s circumstances, such as economic hardship or health concerns. Payment of the base tax amount is also required before the application can be considered. Incomplete applications or those submitted without payment cannot be processed. The application and payment must be submitted to the Tax Collector or postmarked by May 6, 2021.

Taxpayers can contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (415) 473-6133, by email for assistance with requests for penalty cancellation, payments, or other property tax questions, or they can visit

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