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Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto…


Artificial intelligence isn’t just for flying cars and virtual reality headsets. AI is used for projects big and small—including major construction and renovation. Just ask your site manager, C3PO.

One major area of construction AI is in project planning and design. AI can use algorithms to analyze complex datasets to optimize mapping and layout, considering factors like material strength, cost and environmental impact, leading to more sustainable and cost-effective structures. Remember the Three Little Pigs? The one who built his house out of straw should’ve used AI.

In construction management, meanwhile, AI streamlines project workflows with automated project scheduling and resource allocation. Its ability to weigh risk assessment also improves project timelines and resource utilization. And just because the kids in the neighborhood aren’t flying their Toys R Us drones over your backyard these days, doesn’t mean that technology isn’t coming in handy for big industry—AI-powered drone cameras are being used for site inspections and real-time data collection.

And we weren’t kidding about C3PO donning a yellow hard hat. AI-driven robots are used to perform repetitive tasks, such as bricklaying or 3D printing—and they do it quickly and accurately—reducing unnecessary labor costs and human error.

As the technology continues to improve, the construction industry expects to see further advancements in productivity, sustainability and innovation.

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