Celebrate Halloween Safely

Like most things in 2020, autumn looks and feels different this year. But with a little planning (and caution), you and your family can still enjoy Halloween during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few guidelines:

Passing out candy

If you’ve opted not to venture out trick-or-treating, but still want to pass out candy, consider leaving candy and hand sanitizer out on a table at the end of your driveway. You can even sit farther back from the table, so you can enjoy the evening from a distance. Or, designate one person with clean hands to pass out candy. Unfortunately, this year, experts say to avoid having kids take candy directly from the bowl because it could spread germs. It’s also advised to skip passing out homemade treats.

Pandemic-style options

If you’ve decided that you’re not comfortable celebrating the day outside of your direct household, which is perfectly understandable, get creative and have some fun. Decorate or carve pumpkins at home. Set up a piñata for your kids in the backyard. Watch a scary movie. Create a candy or festive scavenger hunt at home. Or, host or attend a virtual Halloween party and costume contest.

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