Town of Windsor Responds to Email Allegations Involving Foppoli

Town of Windsor’s Statement Regarding Its Response To 2017 and 2020 Email Allegations Involving Mayor Dominic Foppoli

In response to public and media questions about the Town’s response to the 2017 email accusing Mayor Foppoli of inappropriate conduct at his winery in 2013, the Town of Windsor offers the following statement:

The Town of Windsor is as shocked and disturbed about the allegations of sexual assault against Mayor Foppoli as is the community. We vehemently condemn the crimes alleged against Mayor Foppoli and stand strong with the victims.

Town officials first learned about the depth and breadth of accusations against the Mayor when the San Francisco Chronicle published its story on April 8, 2021. In that story, an email received in 2017 is described, including how the Town leaders handled accusations included in that email.

2017 Email

In November of 2017, then-Mayor Debora Fudge received an email from an individual whose name has not been released by the Town to protect her identity. The email, which was published online by the Chronicle, accuses then-Councilmember Foppoli of inappropriate behavior in 2013 at a guest house at his winery. Upon receipt, then-Mayor Fudge took the appropriate action of forwarding the email to the then-Town Manager and then-Town Attorney for review and guidance. She also contacted the individual who submitted the email letting her know that she appreciated her bringing this email forward, acknowledging how difficult it must have been and letting her know she was forwarding to the appropriate people within Town Hall. The 2017 email was sent to all Councilmembers, including Councilmember Foppoli, who denied the accusations. In conjunction with a subsequent email received by the Town in 2020, the 2017 email was reviewed by the Police Department which, based on the facts known at the time, determined the incident did not rise to a level of a crime to open an investigation. If the Police Department had been aware of the allegations against Mayor Foppoli that the Town learned of for the first time in the article by the San Francisco Chronicle, the investigation and outcome might have been different depending on what facts the Police Department could substantiate.

2020 Email

In February of 2020, the Town Manager received an email from a member of the public regarding an upcoming Town Council agenda item that included a statement that the Mayor has been accused of rape. The Town Manager promptly shared the email with the Town Council and forwarded it to the Town Clerk for inclusion in the public record. The Town Manager also inquired with the Mayor about the accusations and the Mayor denied they were true. Follow-up conversations with individual Councilmembers were held by the Town Manager and Town Attorney. Shortly thereafter, with the support of the Town Council and in consultation with the Town Attorney, the Town Manager presented the 2020 email and the email received by the Town in 2017 to the Police Chief for review. Based on the facts known at the time the 2020 email was received, the Police Department determined the incident did not rise to a level of a crime to open an investigation. Both emails and all related information were also shared with the Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Sergeant, who came to the same conclusion as the Police Chief.

In addition, the Town Manager requested that the Human Resources Director follow up with several employees who had become aware of this email and the alleged accusations that the Mayor is a rapist. After interviewing each employee, the Human Resources Director determined that no further action with respect to the safety and well-being of Town employees was needed at that time.

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