Sonoma County Encourages People to Volunteer for Grand Jury Service

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors this week honored the important work of civil grand juries in investigating and reporting on local governmental operations to ensure they are being conducted efficiently, honestly and in the best interest of the public.

The Board of Supervisors also adopted a gold resolution proclaiming March as Civil Grand Jury Appreciation Month and endorsed the ongoing drive to recruit new grand jurors. For information on how to apply for grand jury service, go to the Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury web site.

The Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury is made up of volunteers who dedicate a year of service to the watchdog body that operates under the authority of the Sonoma County Superior Court.

The results of most Sonoma County Grand Jury investigations are contained in reports that lay out the findings of specific problems or issues and make recommendations for solutions. By law, the governing body of any agency that is the subject of a grand jury report must comment on the findings and recommendations of the report. The comments must specify what action, if any, has been or will be taken by the department or agency regarding the recommendations or explain why no action has been taken.

The Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury is currently recruiting candidates to serve on the 19-member panel for the 2023-24 term, which begins in July. Jurors must be willing to spend 10-15 hours a week on the work of the Civil Grand Jury. To apply, visit the Sonoma County Superior Court grand jury page. The application deadline is Monday, April 17.

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