Best Real Estate Company: RE/MAX Marketplace

RE/MAX prioritizes connection with clients and lasting relationships.
“Our office culture is built around principles of collaboration, respect and humility.”—Erika Rendino, RE/MAX Marketplace co-owner

RE/MAX prioritizes connection with clients and lasting relationships.

For the third consecutive year, RE/MAX Marketplace of Cotati has been selected by NorthBay biz readers as the best real estate company in the North Bay.

Led by Ken Schrier, Erika Rendino and David Rendino, the team has been providing exemplary real-estate services to the North Bay since they purchased their RE/MAX franchise in 2016.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, the trio delivers highly personalized and dedicated experience to meet any real estate needs. They specialize in a wide range of properties from farm and land to industrial properties, luxury homes and everything in between. Schrier and the Rendinos are highly selective in expanding their team—which today nears 40 members—to ensure each customer receives the care they need.

The real estate industry has faced significant changes over the past year, but the RE/MAX Marketplace team knew how to adapt swiftly to keep pace. “We find ourselves in a ‘pro’s market,’ where expertise, knowledge and the best possible tools are crucial for success,” says Schrier. “As I like to say, ‘the cream always rises to the top.’ We are proud of our team’s ability to adapt and excel in this new environment.”

Returning to work in the downtown Cotati office at 8220 Old Redwood Highway has introduced its own challenges as staff had grown accustomed to working from home. However, David is relieved to see this change, as the team quickly realized the benefits of being physically present in the office outweigh the conveniences of remote work. “Returning to the office fosters better collaboration, communication and networking, which are essential for success in our industry. I feel like we have the band back together, which has provided a better sense of community and ultimately provides a better real estate experience for our agents and clients alike.”

The RE/MAX Marketplace team prioritizes connection with clients to build lasting relationships that extend beyond the sale. “While RE/MAX has a reputation for attracting elite top agents, what sets our office apart is the way we operate our company like a boutique brokerage, providing white-glove service to both our agents and clients,” says Erika. “Most important, we are like an extended family and are as likely to collaborate on projects, as we are to go out to dinner or special events. Our office culture is built around principles of collaboration, respect and humility.”

This humility will help to guide the RE/MAX Marketplace team as it looks to the future. As Schrier puts it, “We will stay humble, keep our heads down and continue to keep our client’s interest as our North Star.”

These principles, commitment and expertise have once again earned RE/MAX Marketplace honors as the best in the North Bay. Their values are emulated through all business they conduct in order to provide the region with the experience they need to meet their real estate goals, no matter what they may be.

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