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BEST Insurance Brokerage Company: George Petersen Insurance Agency

Since 1935, George Petersen Insurance Agency has provided comprehensive insurance coverage to its personal and business clients, so that if the worst should happen, they have peace of mind, knowing that they’re covered. As one of the last, locally owned and independent agencies in Sonoma County, the company has experience, and it taps into the local talent pool to keep pace in a changing world. “We like to hire young, bright people, and that helps us keep moving forward,” says Josh Johnsen, corporate vice president. “We like to embrace change and technology. If we’re not changing or evolving, the world is going past us, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

In times as complex as ours, it takes a combination of capabilities and qualities to make a great insurance agency. For Johnsen, what makes George Petersen Insurance Agency the Best Insurance Broker for Sonoma County is also what makes it a great place to work. “It’s a nice feeling to help clients,” says Johnsen. “That’s a very satisfying feeling.”

Fires in recent years brought catastrophic loss to many in the county, and Johnsen says it was satisfying to see that his clients were well taken care of. He understands their pain personally, as he lost his own home. “Having the right insurance makes the process of losing your house a little bit easier,” he says. “When things are going badly, whether it’s a car accident or an injured employee or a fire or whatever the case might be, we’ve got to help them through—to keep clients focused and remind them there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The agency works to enable ongoing communication with its clients to make sure they can keep in touch. “Usually we’re the last thing people think of,” says Johnsen. “We want to make sure we’re in touch, so if anything comes up, you can call us.” For him, and for the agency as a whole, the approach is personal. “Finding the best carrier that fits your specific needs,” Johnson says. “Everyone’s a little different. Some people are more price-conscious. Everyone’s risk tolerance is different.”

Assisting clients with a modern insurance agency also means having the best technology, according to Johnsen. “We have a whole system that helps us manage our clients. Plus, we have a support system—they can log into a special website that provides additional services beyond the standard consulting.” As George Petersen Insurance Agency moves into the future with its experience, multiple perspectives and the necessary technology, the company will continue to evolve. “We’re here for our clients today, tomorrow and the next day,” says Johnsen. “And we plan on doing that for generations to come.”

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